Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Comment - Is Microsoft Firing the Wrong People / Lots of Wonderful Jobs Out There

Great comment in the "Fire Me?" post.  It's worth the read.  A snippet:

I was with the company for 14 years. With an average review score of better than 3.25 (which in previous posts seems to be the median bar set), and with my manager not agreeing with the decision, MS decided to terminate my employment based upon HR policy guidelines that were not enforced evenly and equally to other people that were associated with my departure. Microsoft has become a company where you're just another number and for all the rhetoric about them caring about the employees, they really only care about the bottom line... (more)
Not knowing this specific situation, I have to say that although I want the company smaller, I do want the lower performers out first.  This comment also ends with an interesting observation worth noting, too:

But in the end, I found another job with another company close in the area that pays me more money, is definitely more concerned about my work/life balance and I get almost similar benefits with better hours. The water is warm out here folks.
Excellent news!  Again, for the disenchanted, those feeling their project is soon to be cancelled (come-on, you know it's coming)  and those wanting to see what it's like outside: get out there and test the water for yourself!  It doesn't hurt to look and it's quite empowering to be courted.  Better now than later when there's a whole bunch of resumes swamping the area.

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