Thursday, August 05, 2004

Microsoft OOF, asking America about Microsoft

I'm biking the backroads for three weeks soon so things will be a bit quite. I hope to get one more missive out about the Microsoft Financial Analyst Meeting (FAM) before going OOF (if I don't, it's going to look really stale by the time I get to it).

I hope to stumble across some free net access while in the boonies. While out and about, I have a goal to talk to everyone I can about how they perceive Microsoft. Getting out of Redmond will hopefully get a more real, grounded perspective of what folks think and feel (care?) about MSFT.


john bailo said...

Here's a perspective. While you whine about losing your Microsoft sinecure, the rest of the world laughs in glee.

Linux is cleaning the clocks of Microdroolware worldwide. The fact that they can't fund lukewarm employees such as yourself because of their decreasing profitability is a great thing for everyone concerned -- except yourself, of course.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it - how do you know the author is a "lukewarm employee"?

Anonymous said...

Probably becuase thats just about all thats left at the good ole msft ... that and uber backstabbing dot com-ers that were sly enough to get hired on. Those are the people driving a once great company into the ground.

There is life after msft and now-a-days its a bit better than the hanging with the wanna be's in redmond!