Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Admin - Delays in Posts, Quiet ahead

I'm getting major delays via the posting mechanism I send to this blog (I much prefer sending posts via email vs. web interfaces). Given that the Blogger Mail2Blogger gateway is pretty much a bit-bucket right now, things have been slow to show up here. So I'm going to post the two in the queue now, hoping that after a week's worth of guru meditation they don't magically appear through the gateway, too. If they do: oops, my apologies. We all seem to get what we pay for. Until the Mail2Blogger gateway starts behaiving, things will be quiet here.

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Jonathan said...

Yes, Blogger's Mail2Blogger is not currently working. But there is a workaround: use Flickr's Mail2Blog feature, and post a dummy image (like a 1-pixel JPEG).

Workaround details here: