Thursday, June 05, 2008

Administrivia - Hardware Induced Mini Break

Looks like it's an early summer break here. The wonderful Mini-Laptop, my bud the four years of Mini-Microsoft writing and planning, has given up what I think is its last ghost. It's my isolated, centralized hub of posting and comment approval, and while I weigh repair vs. replacement, things are going to have to go dark here for a bit.

Which is fine. I think a number of folks didn't much care for the three fingered nature of the comments in the last post. While there was some discussion of how to fix the problems, it got overwhelmed by grinded axes swinging wildly against certain personalities in Microsoft India leadership.

While I take a hardware induced break here, I'll be thinking about future topics. Please take a moment to consider what sounds like good, interesting paths of productive discussion. Drop me a line, if you like. Sorry if it takes a bit to respond. I thought about opening up comments while I'm cut-off (sorry, I'm just not comfortable lurking in the library on public computers to approve comments), but decided that without engaging news open comments just lead to noise and comment spam.

So, I'm off to light a candle for the Mini-Laptop. See you soon. Mini.