Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Big Huge Comment Round-up!

I certainly wished that Blogger had a feed for comments because half (or perhaps more) of what happens here is in the comments. The Atom XML feed doesn't even post the URL for the comments for each post.

So, as a short-hand gift for those wanting to find the occasional gem that gives you insight into the dirt under the Microsoft rug, here's a link to each post, starting at the comments, some with commentary about those comments:

(skipping posts that have zero comments)

Blast off for Mini-Microsoft!
Contains what I think is the best of all comments slamming me. Someone (who?) really doing a good job of channeling BillG: Upon reading most of your posts I have these comments. Most of your ideas are unoriginal and obvious, while some are plain stupid. There's a follow-up to this later in Comments on Recent Comments (below).
Robert Scoble on Microsoft and Benefits
Great Time for Microsoft Employees to Find Wonderful New Jobs
Story of someone who left Microsoft.
Microsoft Review Season and Great Chris Anderson Posts
Performance Tuning MSFT.exe (or, How to Save Microsoft $1,000,000,000 Now)
A request for less leaders out of touch with shipping great products.
Under 3.25 Lifetime Average Review Score at Microsoft? It's Time to Re-Interview!
Not all that popular. Ass calling all around.
GAH!!! Microsoft to hire 3,000 in area
Ed Draper takes a big swig of the Kool-aid and puts me in for some deep analysis.
"Fire Me? Oh, hell no! Microsoft should fire YOU!"
Tough story of a 14 year veteran moved on and another observing that the Old School Microsofties have been leaving in greater numbers.
A Microsoft Targeted Layoff that will also Increase Employee Morale: HR
Microsoft and WWGD - What Will Google Do? Time for Pre-Emptive Innovation.
Notes how I'm lobbying for Hailstorm. Now there's concern that Google is making all of Microsoft's failures into reality (smart-tags, Hailstorm). We might see something there yet, and you know if Google does it, we won't be far behind, like a hungry rabid dog chasing a tired bicycler.
Microsoft "Company" Meeting 2004
Microsoft OOF, asking America about Microsoft
I think the one and only Linux-bait I've seen here.
Comments on Recent Comments
Excellent: First, an interesting story about the decline of Charlotte / PSS-East. Then, YES, a follow-up to that new orifice ripper.
Dangerous Transitions
Employee Growth Chart
Let's cut Sales! No Marketing! No UA!
Satan's Process Excellence
Pretty good discussion of process and the role of the PM etc.
Your Review, Your Numbers, Your Choices
Wow and Holy-smokes - lots of long posts here. Just read'em if you haven't already.
Random Mid-September Comments
Microsoft Layoffs, Hiring, and Offshoring
Microsoft Giving Campaign 2004
Riffin with Reifman - Citizen Microsoft
http://career/ and Your Dream Job.
When Microsoft Should Walk Away
Ka-Pow! The Google Desktop.
Goodbye Cans, Hello Dispenser
My paranoia here was misplaced (seems as though this has been that way for a while) but some other changes outside of Redmond are revealed.
Citizen Microsoft Follow-Up
Microsoft Reaching out to Google
Some good general comments around Google and Microsoft. And Scoble provides a visit.
Microsoft's Financial Horizon
One of my favorites, because the charts are still live and working. Info-Porn! And the horizon is still flat.
Is it wrong to want to kiss Joel Spolsky?
My goodness, you mean not everyone loves Joel?
Why Microsoft is in Trouble
You're Fired
Cut-backs, offshoring, and PSS
Interesting story regarding Bangalore coming up to speed on customer support.
The November Clip Show
Yeah, yeah, I love you guys, too. My URL got printed in Seattle Magazine? I'll have to point that out with suave pride the next time I'm puttin' on my moves... yeah.
Does Microsoft care about politically correct speech?
Who is John Galt?
A Light in the Darkness
Back and forth business discussions.
Scoble, firing, and Microsoft as "Brand Cool"
The first time I noticed Scoble wanting to trim the Microsoft workforce (MSN-found received that focus, as of late).
Innovation is hard in a big, slow Microsoft w/ Gates / Ballmer / Raikes slowing things down.
Geeks Over Troubled Water
Lots of discussions over demos and how this particular foul-up was due to IR interference.
Whoa, Maxi-Microsoft?!?
Anti-Maxi comments.
Apple Crashing the Party
More demo discussions and whether Microsoft is held to a higher standard.
62 Testers
Interesting discussions - especially about the level of extra visibility testers will have into fellow-testers level (and soon Dev and PM?)
Proudly Serving up Microsoft Goodness
Harsh reviews and BS being called on some Pollyanna-isms.
Something is Rotten in the Town of Redmond
Wow, good reading here ranging all over the scale. I especially like the call for The Return of Gates.
Let's Fire all the Middle Managers
Well I guess I got a lot of non-managers behind this. We don't suck as much as Novell, though?


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Hey Mini, you could have simply posted this - it makes the same points but more succinctly:

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more support for your position that MSFT needs to make radical changes (vs the "everything's great, we're kicking ass and taking prisoners" crowd):

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check this out:

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